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Odia Song – About To Know The History

Odia song is the heart of Odisha. It is the well known language of Odisha, India. Every man should respect to own language and it will be in Odisha as well. We respect our mother tongue. This language very sweet to tell in Odisha. The depth of mother language it plays a parental role to opt out.

Cultures of Odisha

Lord Jagannath – Puri

Jagannath (Odia: ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ, ISO: Jagannātha; lit. ”lord of the universe”) is a deity worshipped in regional Hindu traditions in India and Bangladesh as part of a triad along with his brother Balabhadra and sister, devi Subhadra. Jagannath in Odia Hinduism is the supreme god, Purushottama, Para Brahman. As well like odia song brings also the spirit based feelings.

odia song
image credit: Wikipedia

To most Vaishnava Hindus, particularly the Krishnaites, Jagannath is an abstract representation of Krishna, sometimes as the avatar of Krishna or Vishnu, to some Shaiva and Shakta Hindus, he is a symmetry-filled tantric form of Bhairava.

The Jagannathism (a.k.a. Odia Vaishnavism)—the culture of Lord Jagannath—was emerged in the early middle ages and later became an independent regional temple-centered tradition of Krishnaism/Vaishnavism. Odia song also tells the culture of Lord Jagannatha.

The annual festival called the Ratha yatra celebrated in June or July every year in eastern states of India is dedicated to Jagannath. His image, along with the other two associated deities, is ceremoniously brought out of the sacrosanctum (Garbhagriha) of his chief temple in Jagannath Puri (Odia: Bada Deula, Odia song: Bada Deulia Bandhu, Mo Peta Podi Jaye). They are placed in a chariot which is then pulled by numerous volunteers to the Gundicha Temple, (located at a distance of nearly 3 km or 1.9 mile).

Source: Wikipedia

Konark – Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple (Konark Surya Mandir) is a 13th-century CE (year 1250) Sun temple at Konark about 35 kilometres (22 miles) northeast from Puri on the coastline of Odisha, India. The temple is attributed to king Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty about 1250 CE.

odia song
image credit: Wikipedia

Dedicated to the Hindu Sun God Surya, with odia song, what remains of the temple complex has the appearance of a 100-foot (30 m) high chariot with immense wheels and horses, all carved from stone.

Once over 200 feet (61 m) high, much of the temple is now in ruins, in particular the large shikara tower over the sanctuary; at one time this rose much higher than the mandapa that remains.

The cause of the destruction of the Konark temple is unclear and still remains a source of controversy. Theories range from natural damage to deliberate destruction of the temple in the course of being sacked several times by Muslim armies between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Source: Wikipedia

Odishee Nrutya

Odishee (Odia: ଓଡ଼ିଶୀ), also referred to as Odishee in older literature of odia song, is a major ancient Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha – an eastern coastal state of India. Odishee, in its history, was performed predominantly by women, and expressed religious stories and spiritual ideas, particularly of Vaishnavism (Vishnu as Jagannatha).

odia song
image credit: Wikipedia

Odishee performances have also expressed ideas of other traditions such as those related to Hindu gods Shiva and Surya, as well as Hindu goddesses (Shaktism). The theoretical foundations of Odishee trace to the ancient Sanskrit text Natya Shastra, its existence in antiquity evidenced by the dance poses in the sculptures of Odishee Hindu temples, and archeological sites related to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It was suppressed under the British Rule.

Odishee is traditionally odia song and dance-drama genre of performance art, where the artist(s) and musicians play out a mythical story, a spiritual message or devotional poem from the Hindu texts, using symbolic costumes, body movement, abhinaya (expressions) and mudras (gestures and sign language) set out in ancient Sanskrit literature.

Traditional Odishee exists in two major styles, the first perfected by women and focussed on solemn, spiritual temple dance (maharis); odia song the second perfected by boys dressed as girls (gotipuas) which diversified to include athletic and acrobatic moves, and were performed from festive occasions in temples to general folksy entertainment.

Source: Wikipedia

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