Love Express : The Odia Film by Swaraj With Sunmeera

Love Express – The most watching Odia film. Not only in Odisha but also in the world it taken as the most popular name love express.

Love Express Odia Movie/Film

Love Express All Songs | Odia.TV | Odia Song

Love Express All Songs

Love Express All Songs

Love Express All Songs

Love Express All Songs

Before going to listen the all songs from Love Express, let’s go for its depth of creation as well as the production.

Love Express: It is the 24th movie of Sarthak Music directed by Sushant Mani. Main star casts by Swaraj Barik, Sunmeera Nagesh, Pintu Nanda, Boby Mishra, and others are included in it. by the way, it is a first Odia film undaunted completely powers on the English terms. Whole movie title contains a difference spicy name. Nowadays all youth mass want to bind with a complete entertainment package. By keeping these eye on I hope this will affect positively on our youth mass. And also it will touch all Odia, because of all we are love Odia Language, Odia Music, Odia Movie.

Get All Songs of Love Express.

Star Cast And Crew of Love Express:

Release On : Ganesh Puja (2018)

  • Movie: Love Express
  • Star Cast: Swaraj Barik With Sunmeera Nagesh
  • Banner: Sarthak Music
  • Producer: Sitaram Agrawal
  • Director: Sushant Mani
  • Music: Baidyanath Dash
  • Dilouge: Dr. Nirmal Nayak

Love Express…

Lets enjoy the Start Trends:

Love Express…

After getting the success on the previous picture Tokata Faigalain this highlight duration it is the best perform to declare a new one on the Odisha telefilm sector. This film Tokata Fasigala crowed on the many states as well as on the foreign also.

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